Ivory and Fresh Shell / Multiincident Shell

location: Black Treefrog, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
team: Antje Neitsch, Hannes Freiszmuth, Andreas Stampfer, Edith Hemmrich, Mark Blaschitz, Josef Roschitz
photos: © Paul Ott

built-up area: 59 sqm
completion: 2004

These switchable arrangements are also called Multiincident Shells. Those informed spheres are charged with incidences.

The apartment #1 in the Black Treefrog is a Multiincident Shell which is informed by the functions and programs of dwelling. The area of the Ivory Shell in the ground floor of this apartment is limited to 32m²; of this area, 18m² are a „functionally neutral zone“. The remaining 14m² are filled with specific, domestic functions; each of these functions can be individually activated and separately extended into the neutral zone. In this way, it is possible to arrange the hall, the kitchen, the dining space and the living room, each of which is 18m². Seen in this way, the space of 10 times 18m² is the equivalent of a 180m² apartment.

The Fresh Shell in the first floor provides the arrangement of the bath and bed room, each of which is 12m².